Software Engineer (Full stack Developer)

Job code : IPGD - 00001

We are looking for intermediate-level full-stack software developers to design, build and deploy web-based applications, with 0-2 years of experience in Java, JSF2, Prime faces, Jasper reports, Spring boot in addition to Oracle.

The candidate should be a strong fully functional programmer able to write his own code and come up with solutions without much need to ask for help from senior team members.

We are looking for software engineers who are able to understand the code and technologies used in the project, make sure the code is clearly understandable and written in line with quality standards and project requirements.


  • Writing and maintaining the code.
  • Analyzing and implementing best coding practices into the project code.
  • Analyzing technical requirements of the project and adapting the code in line with them.
  • Identifying and developing areas for revisions in current projects.
  • Executing and implementing software tests.
  • Developing quality assurance procedures for software projects.
  • Analyzing the needs of users, as well as designers’, QA testers’, and other software development team members’ needs.
  • Coordinating the efforts and cooperating with other developers, designers, system and business analysts, etc.
  • Documenting every part of the development process for further work and maintenance.
  • Develop front-end and back-end services for web-based applications built for customer end-use.
  • Develop applications using proper code bases to develop front and back-end services for web-based applications
  • Work with and design, develop, and deploy lightweight front and back-end services on top of a well-designed and organized framework
  • Create security and data protection settings
  • Build features and applications with a mobile responsive design
  • Integrate document-based data sets
  • Interact with business analytics and the development team to gather and define requirements.


  • 0-2 years as a Java developer and experience of working on at least several different software projects.
  • Full knowledge of how to program, implement and maintain Java applications.
  • Knowing how to program high-volume and low-latency systems meant for large scaling.
  • Solid knowledge of the frameworks for building web projects
  • The ability to work in a remote setup
  • The ability to independently own and deliver features from start to finish
  • The ability to contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle.
  • The ability to write high-quality, efficient, and easily testable code.
  • Being well-familiar with conducting software analysis, testing, and debugging Java code.
  • Experienced in managing Java and Java EE application development.
  • Able to come up with alternative approaches and implement newer technologies.
  • Substantial experience working with React
  • Experience with state management (Redux or similar)
  • Profound experience with JavaScript and familiarity with Typescript
  • Familiarity with CI/CD processes and tools is a plus (e.g. Jenkins)
  • Familiarity with containerization technologies is a plus (e.g. Docker)
  • Familiarity with AWS is a plus (e.g. ECS, EC2, S3, etc…)

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