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GAUGE Cart solution is a comprehensive enterprise e-Commerce solution, enabling organizations’ to effectively manage growth, cost and profitability with on-line operations.

GAUGE Cart is designed specifically to enhance e-Commerce operational effectiveness & efficiency in delivering compliant and effective execution of e-Business operations.

With a large growing installation base, GAUGE Cart established a solid Backbone ERP, Financial, SCM , Job Ordering Operations, CRM and HRMS solutions based on BCMS & TQM framework with on-line cost accounting, along with Smart Web and App Tools.

GAUGE Cart provides a comprehensive business continuity & total quality management resource planning solution that extends horizontally across the organization’s business functions and vertically throughout the supply chain, empowering the organization workforce to perform electronic transactions processing, tracking and monitoring in a paperless environment via WWW (Internet/ Intranet/ Extranet).

Furthermore, GAUGE Cart enriches the organization by analyzing the behavior of customers, suppliers, employees, products and services across the organization, from every view; past, and present. GAUGE Cart is designed to help the organizations’ to create transparency by automating management approval cycles and increasing the ability to better understand exposures and improvement opportunities, along with operational excellence Covering:

  • Web Page.
  • web e-Commerce.
  • Mobile APPs.
  • Digital Logistics Management.
  • Payments Control and Monitoring.
  • Packing Management.
  • Shipping Control and Monitoring.
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